Muncie Sailing Club Couples Session | Kat + Chris


August 18, 2020


PLEASE HOLD FOR SOME OF MY FAVORITE PHOTOS OF ALL TIME. If you didn’t know Muncie has a sailing club and it’s just a dreamy as it sounds. I’ve driven past this boat lined spot many times. Once Kat said her and Chris wanted a photo location with Wisconsin vibes I knew it was time to call and ask if they’d let me shoot there. A sweet 75 year old volunteer named Byvonda gave me permission and it was the most lovely, golden hour goodness kind of evening.

They traveled up from Indy and we mulled along the shoreline with their pup Luna. She was splashing in and out of the water for the entire session and it was the sweetest. Kat and Chris were next door neighbors growing up and have been together for the last 10 years. How dang cute?! One of my favorite things is getting to link back up with old college pals in front of my camera. You two are gems. Thanks for making the trip up to see me and leaving with a very wet and happy dog! 😘

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