I’m drawn to a lot of aspects of being a photographer. Your stories I witness, your people I laugh with and wedding cake I get to taste test... to name a few hehe. When I'm behind the camera I'm not short sighted- I'm constantly looking for what I might want hanging on my wall 30 years. Bloopers included. 


I'm Meg!

I've been documenting my own love story since the ancient Myspace days of 2007. I first saw Luke's face on a friends top 8 and thought he was the hottest boy (still is) in a backwards baseball cap around. On April fools day we were #official. 

Those sometimes cute, sometimes blurry images are something I'll forever cherish. It spurred on my passion for recording others. 

We have a spunky son named Cal and baby girl due around Christmas. We're also accompanied by two sassy cats + a white goldie pup with an old soul. My love for all things sappy and keeping cool under stress are things that have naturally translated to my career. I'm equal parts optimistic encouragement and problem solver. When I show up on your big day I’m not just running through another wedding timeline. I’m documenting a snippet of your life for a day- and the people you love most. 

While I love details (seriously, creative ring shots are my jammm) I believe in having an awesome marriage even more. After seeing countless weddings unfold, one thing I’ve learned is how important the investment of photography is. After the music ends and the coat rack clears- you will only have your photos to relive the day over and over again. 

The experience 

Shameless romantic + professional words of affirmation giver

"She makes you feel super natural, makes you laugh, and makes you feel like an absolute star. She's so encouraging and also helps with way more than just pictures! She'll even calm you down when you panic about what earrings to wear for your wedding 😉 Megan is the absolute best and I cannot recommend her enough for your pictures!"

She makes you feel calm