Cataract Falls Indiana Elopement | Cat + Maverick


July 31, 2021


I don’t think ya’ll are ready for the magic that was Cat + Maverick’s elopement. UGH. Upon pulling into the park the radar shifted and the rain clouds moved in. We caught the beginning of the washout rains that will be all over the Midwest for the next week. Between bouts of storms, their park pavilion ceremony and running around the rapids for portraits- it was straight up stunning. They packed a post ceremony picnic basket of cake and drinks to share. The combination of humid air + showers rolled out the most ethereal fog as our backdrop that I could only *dream of*. Such a perfect match for their vibe. Not very many people ask for rain on their wedding day or for plans to be shifted but if I know anything it’s rolling with it that can make wedding days extra special. These two were troopers dancing in the showers and traversing the mud. Their chemistry, sense of style (like dang) and adventurous spirit is undeniable. Thank you a million for letting me be part of this season with you both.


THE FAB TEAM // CITY: Owen County Indiana VENUE: Cataract Falls HAIR: Rachel Hunt at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang FLORALS: Blooms by Wildwood

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