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Fort Wayne Outfitters River Session | Lauren + Matt

Aug 4, 2021

I planned a little shoot for myself last week and it was the best decision I’ve made in a while. Floating on a kayak, city views and photographing these cuties? Heck yesss I could work on the water everyday. AND I didn’t flip or lose my camera- I’d consider that a win hehe.

When you job is on demand creative magic it’s important to carve out time to occasionally play without the pressure of it being a paid client session. I’m beyond thankful to do what I love but when your hobby becomes your career it’s important to take care of your creative muscles just like you would mental and physical health.

K, I’ll stop the sap and show off these babes. A huge thanks to my sister Lauren and her boo Matt for balancing on these boards all over the river with beer. OBSESSED.

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